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In this article we will explain what a Dedicated IP is, and how it could be useful for you.

What is a Dedicated IP?
A Dedicated IP is your very own private IP Address used for your Minecraft Server. Servers without a Dedicated IP would usually be put on to the same IP address as the Minecraft Node, with different ports. This can cause issues later down the line if you wish to connect your domain to your Minecraft Server.

When should I use a Dedicated IP?
If you are looking to connect a domain to your Minecraft Server (E.g, we would 100% recommend that you purchase a Dedicated IP. Due to Minecraft Java Edition having a default port of 25565, if you do not use this port the likelihood is that your players will struggle at times to access your server.

As an alternative to a Dedicated IP you can use an SRV record to redirect port traffic from 25565 to your server, however it's commonly known that SRV records are not always reliable, and we receive many reports from server owners that have issues with them.

If an SRV record fails the most likely scenario is that users trying to join the server, will be redirected to a completely different server that holds the 25565 port on your current shared IP. This can be very bad, especially if you are new to creating a Minecraft Server as losing vital traffic could mean a loss of income from donations.

How much does a Dedicated IP Cost?
As of the time writing this article, we charge $3.00 per month for a Dedicated IP. This is unlikely to change any time soon, due to the large shortage of IPv4 Addresses

How can I purchase a Dedicated IP?
If you haven't already purchased a Minecraft Server, you will receive an option to add this as an addon at checkout.
If you have already purchased a Minecraft Server, you will need to open a support ticket so we can process this for you.

That is the end of this article. If you have anymore questions relating to Dedicated IPs, let us know and we will be happy to help!
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