In this article we will explain how our hosting subscriptions work, and how/when we terminate and suspend services.

Suspensions, Terminations and Recurring Subscriptions
All of our recurring servers can be purchased to recur in the following intervals:
Your billing period will only start when your service is provisioned. For example, if you purchase your service on the 9th December, and it does not get provisioned until the 10th December, you will not lose a day of your service.

14 days before your next renewal is due, you will receive an invoice via email. We recommend paying your invoices as early as possible, to prevent any disruption to your service.

Once your subscription is coming to an end, in most cases it will be automatically renewed with your payment provider. If your service cannot be automatically be renewed, you will have until 12PM GMT on the day of your expiry to renew your service manually, otherwise your service will be suspended. Having a service suspended means that we still have your service on our servers, however we have disabled you from controlling it.

If we have still not received a payment 7 days after your service was suspended it will be terminated, meaning that the files will be removed, and Slashy Hosting will continue to sell your previously allocated space and IP address to another customer. In addition to the files being removed, we will also remove all backups.
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