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Minecraft Server restarts are one way to reduce your server resource usage, which subsequently decreases lag on your servers. In this article, we will go over why restarts are specifically important and the benefits of it.

One major benefit of a server restart is that unused chunks will unload upon startup; Causing the memory (RAM) of your server to decrease. Additionally, this is similar to entities that will also unload upon a server restart causing your memory of your server to decrease as less items are needed to be stored in the cache.

How often should I restart my server?
We always recommend to restart your server at least once every 24 hours. However, the more frequently that your restart will mean the better your server performs. Automating server restarts can be found below.

Automating Server Restarts
Server restarts can be scheduled from inside of our Multicraft Panel.

On the sidebar select Scheduled Tasks
Select "+ New Task" on the sidebar.
Give your scheduled task a name and ensure that the status is set to "Scheduled"
Select which time/date you would like your restarts to start under "Scheduled Time *"
Check the Interval box and select how frequent you would like this to run.
Set command to "Restart"
Set "Run For" to "Server"
Click "Create"

Your server will now automatically restart based on your selection!
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