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Minecraft servers have became more difficult than ever to advertise over the years, however if you have a good marketing strategy your server will succeed! In this article we will cover 2 main aspects of marketing that you can use to advertise your server.

Server Lists
Server Lists have became a go-to method of advertising because of them having free options. When you list your server on a server list, users can filter for their desired server game mode to play on, and if your server matches that specification it will show on a list.

One of the most common ways for new servers to be found on server lists is by users filtering by "Newest First", which results in the newest listed servers showing first on the list. Despite this being a good method when you first publish your server, it is not permanent and you will very likely lose players over time.

The best method of advertising that server lists offer is Premium Listing/Featured Servers. This is where your server will generally show on the top 5 positions of a server list ensuring most of the site traffic can see your server. Whilst this is a very good way to advertise, and will almost definitely result in many players joining your server - It is also very expensive in some cases, with some sites charging upwards of $1,000 a month for the listing. The lists usually work with a bidding-type system where you can "bid" for the top 5 spaces and the highest bidder wins. You can find a list of some of the best server lists below

Especially in recent years, YouTubers have been known as one of the best options for advertising your Minecraft server, because of the wide range or pricing and options available to you. An example of this is:
A YouTuber with 10,000 subscribers could charge $100 USD for a video on your server, whilst a YouTuber with 5,000,000 subscribers could charge $10,000 for a video on your server. This is just example data

As you can see above, the wide range of options available can cover all budgets when starting a server. A few points to remember when going down this route are:

Do not always go by subscribers. Views is the main aspect of a YouTuber that you should look at, as this will be the statistic that matters when it comes to users joining your server
Do not get scammed. Make sure you are being given a price that is fair by contacting multiple YouTubers with roughly the same amount of views/subscribers and take an average of all the prices received.
Make sure the YouTuber makes content that is similar to what your server offers. For example, you shouldn't contact a Beauty and Makeup YouTuber to advertise your upcoming Factions server

You can contact a YouTuber by visiting the About section on their channel and clicking "View Email Address" on their channel about page. Make sure that your emails are structured in a professional way, otherwise you will more than likely get ignored.

Do not be intimidated
This article only covers 2 ways to advertise your Minecraft server, but there are many more. Do not feel put-off by the pricing and statistics that we have posted here as there are cheaper and free alternatives that you can use.
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