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Disclaimer: We recommend that you purchase a Dedicated IP if you are looking to connect a domain because SRV records are very unreliable and may sometimes show another users server when entered. You can purchase a Dedicated IP using your Client Area under Product Addons

In this tutorial we will be connecting a domain to a Minecraft Server. Please note that all domain registers will look different, however will have the same concept. You need to navigate to DNS settings in order to add the necessary DNS records for your domain to work. If you use Cloudflare you must configure the DNS via your Cloudflare portal rather than your domain providers website. In this tutorial we will be using Namecheap.

Visit your Domain Providers website and select your domain name.

Navigate to your DNS settings. And select Add new Record

Create an A Record and set the Host to the prefix that you would like. You may use @ if you want to use the normal domain name. In this tutorial we want the domain therefore we will enter play

Under Value add the IP Address of your Minecraft Server. You do not need to enter the port here.

Set your TTL to Automatic

Save your settings.

There we have it! You have now connected your domain name. Please note that it may take up to 24 hours for your domain to propagate. However, in most cases it should work in an hour or two.

If you do not own a Dedicated IP:

If you do not own a Dedicated IP you will also need to create an SRV record to redirect your port.

Add a new record and select SRV

Set your Service/Protocol to _minecraft_tcp.(domain prefix) EG if you would like to use

Set the Priority to 0

Set the Weight to 5

Set the port to the port of your Minecraft Server.

Set the Target to your domain that you want to use for your Minecraft server EG:

Set your TTL to automatic.

Save your settings.

Your domain is now complete and ready to go!
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