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When connecting to a Minecraft Server hosted by Slashy Hosting, the process could never be simpler! We have two ways for you to edit your server files which are the WebFTP editor and credentials for an FTP client. During this tutorial, we will explain how to connect to your Minecraft server using both methods.

Our WebFTP is based on the net2ftp framework, which is in place to allow users to edit, upload, zip, unzip, rename or remove files easily without needing to install an application on your computer. To access your WebFTP; Navigate to your Minecraft Control Panel via and select which server you would like to view. Once you have selected the server, follow the simple guide below to access the WebFTP system.

On the sidebar, click "FTP File Access"

If you have not already, you will be prompted to create an FTP account. This can be done by clicking the button which says "Create FTP Account"

Once you have created an FTP account, you will now have a table with 4 sets of information: FTP Address, FTP Port, FTP Username and Multicraft Password. Under Multicraft Password, enter the password you use to log into your Minecraft Control Panel then click the "Login" button

You are now logged in to the WebFTP viewer. Below you can see an overview on the WebFTP functions.


On the sidebar you can Create a new Directory, Create a new File, Upload a file or Go back to the last page you were on.

Button Functions

Via the buttons at the top of the page, you have a list of more functions:

The "Move" button will enable you to move a directory or files to a new location by selecting which files/directories you want to move using the checkmark to the left side of them
The "Delete" button will delete all files you have highlighted via the checkmark
The "Copy" button will duplicate all files you have highlighted via the checkmark
The "Rename" button will rename a file or directory.
The "Zip" button will compress files and/or directories which is mainly used when downloading a full export of the server files
The "Unzip" button will unzip an archived file which is mainly used for exporting server exports and server worlds as you cannot upload a directory directly, you need to zip it before uploading it.
The "Download" button will download the list of selected files. Please note that we do not recommend downloading files larger than 75mb, as it is unlikely to work.

Table Information

Each item on the FTP table gives you 4 sets of information.
Name: The file name including the file extension
Type: The file type e.g Directory, YML File, JSON File
Size: The size of the file/directory.
Mod Time: The time the directory/file was last modified
You can also edit a file by selecting the "Edit" button to the right side of each item.

FTP Application
If you are looking to have more control over your FTP experience, you can turn to a more advanced approach which is using an FTP Application. Below we list some top FTP programs which are supported for each operating system. You will need one of the below applications to use this method.




There are many more programs which can be used, however we only list ones that we have tested to ensure they are reliable. The steps below will guide you through accessing your FTP

Visit you Minecraft Control Panel via and select which server you want to edit.
On the Sidebar, select "FTP File Access"
If you have not already, create an FTP account by selecting the "Create FTP Account" button.
Once you have created an account, you should now see 4 pieces of information: FTP Address, FTP Port, FTP Username, Multicraft Password. Please note, Multicraft Password will be blank for security reasons.
On your FTP Program, click Connect and enter this information in the correct fields. The port will always be 21 by default.
Click connect.
You should now have access to edit your server files! If you have any troubles following this guide, please contact our support and we will assist you further.
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