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When connecting to your VPS you require 4 pieces of information which will be sent to you via email. This information may be sent to your Junk Mailbox so please ensure that you check there as well.

The information you need from the email is as follows:

IP Address
Username (Default: root)
Port (Default: 21)

This tutorial will show you how to connect via SSH (Secure Socket Shell) to your server which will open the possibility of you installing applications/software such as Pterodactyl, cPanel or Multicraft on both Windows and MacOS. Please skip to the relevant section depending on your operating system.


Firstly, you require an SSH program. The most common and most simplistic program is called Putty - Which is downloadable here: You can also use other programs which tend to have a better design such as Termius or MobaXterm.

Next, where is says Host Name or IP Address enter your servers IP which is in the initial email sent to you upon purchasing your server.

Now enter your Port. This is always 22 unless if you have changed it.

Next you can click Open

It will now open a black terminal screen where you will be prompted to enter your username. Once again this is always root unless if you have secondary users setup. Once entered click enter on your keyboard.

Finally enter your password. Please note you will not be able to see this password when you type it, therefore if you think you have typed it incorrectly - you must backspace the amount of characters you have already typed to start again.

And there we have it! You are now connected to your server via SSH.


Firstly open your Terminal. This is a default application on MacOS so you should not have any issues with it.

Next type in the command below replacing <root> to your username (Primarily: root) and <ip_address> to your servers IP Address.

ssh <root>@<ip_address>

Now it will ask for your password. You will not be able to see the password that you type therefore you need to ensure it's typed correctly otherwise it will throw an authentication error.

You will now be connected via SSH to your server.
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