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Creating a Database is quite easy when using cPanel. This piece of software has a integrated GUI way of creating your very own MySQL Databases, without much hassle.

This article will lead you through this process.

Log into your cPanel and scroll down until you see the option MySQL Databases, click on it.

You'll immediately be greeted with the option to create a new MySQL Database. Just give it a name and click on Create Database

Awesome! Now it's time to create an user for your Database. To do so, scroll down to the MySQL Users - Add New User section. Fill up the fields with the user's name and its password (you can use the password generator if you prefer to do so). After that, click on Create User

Now that we've created both our user and our database, it's time to give the user some permissions on the database. Scroll down to the Add User to Database section, select your user and your database, click on Add. Then select the privileges you want that user to have on the database and finish it up by clicking on Make Changes. You'll then get a confirmation message telling you the user has been added to the database.

And done! You have now created a database with its own user and gave them access to it.
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