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Creating a subdomain in cPanel is easy and can be done in a minimal amount of steps. In this tutorial, we will show you:

How to create a subdomain and create its own directory
How to set up your subdomain to redirect to another URL

Creating a Subdomain

First you want to locate to your Website Hosting panel (cPanel). You may access this directly using the credentials sent to your email upon ordering the package, or you can connect automatically by visiting your services in the client area.
Next, under the Domains section you need to click 'Subdomains'
Now you need to submit some details regarding your new Subdomain. In this example I will be creating ''. Once you select your domain from the dropdown, you will be able to insert what the subdomain will be. You should only post the prefix of the domain here and not the full URL (as shown below).
By default the Document Root will auto-fill once you have entered those details. You can adjust that root to where you would like the domain to point. If you would like to redirect a Subdomain to a new URL, you can do this by following the extra steps at the end of this Tutorial. Please note, you do not have to have created the directory previously; If it does not exist, it will generate the directory for you.
Click 'Create' and your Subdomain should be ready within a few minutes.

Redirecting a Subdomain to an external URL

To redirect your Subdomain to a new URL, you need to visit the Zone Editor on the Control Panel home page.
Locate your Domain and select '+ CNAME RECORD'
Here you can type in the prefix of the subdomain which will autofill the name. You can then type the URL of your desired location in the CNAME input. Having a dot in the name is completely normal. An example for the subdomain '' redirecting to can be found below.
Select 'Add a new CNAME record' and your domain will now redirect to your desired host.

Additional Support

If you require additional support, you can contact our Support time anytime via our ticket system.
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