Please Note: This tutorial is tailored towards Slashy Hosting customers due to the Factory Reset function being a custom component made by us. You can transfer your server to Slashy Hosting, and we will give you a discounted service, as well as a free file transfer from your previous host. Contact us to take advantage of this promotion.

In this tutorial we will be explaining how to Factory Reset your Minecraft Server. We have made this process as easy as possible using custom functionality built-in to our Minecraft Control Panel.

First, login to your Minecraft Control Panel using the URL
Once you've logged in, you can select you Minecraft Server from the list of services
On the sidebar, you should see an option labelled "Actions". See below for a screenshot of this

Once you've clicked the Actions link, you will be greeted with many pre-configured Actions such as Database Backups, Resetting Worlds and Factory Resetting your service. Select the option labelled "Factory Reset Files" under the Server Files section

You will now be prompted to confirm a security word. Simply type the security word into the box and confirm the action

Once confirmed, your server will stop and all files will be removed. Your server will now re-initialise when you next click Start

If you run into any issues whilst performing these actions, please reach out to our Support Team. We are always happy to help!
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