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In this tutorial we will go over how to generate an API key in Multicraft, which will enable you to build third-party plugins that can integrate with our panel.

First, head over to your Game Panel ( ) and login using your credentials
Next, locate the Profile tab on the top navigation bar

Now on the sidebar select “Generate API Key”
Once that has been done, you will see your new API Key in an input box on your Profile Page.

Do not hand this API Key out to anyone that you do not trust. With the API token, your account can essentially be fully controlled without needing your account credentials.

Further Reading
Our API is based fully on the Multicraft API which is built mainly for third-party applications created in PHP, however you can go through the source code to see the endpoints for other languages. We encourage users to refer to the Multicraft API reference whilst creating an application, which will be linked below:

Multicraft API Reference:

Thank you for reading this article, if you need any further assistance - Please contact our Support Team via Discord or our Website.

Please Note: We are unable to provide development support for any third-party connections to our panel. We recommend that you hire a trusted individual to build your application due to the security risks that giving out your API Token can involve.
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