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In this tutorial, we will explain how to grant access for another user to edit your server on Multicraft.

Before we begin, it's important that you know what responsibilities each role will grant a user.

No Access & Unassigned
Cannot access your server
Can view if the server is online/offline, and view the current player count.
Can send chat messages, view server IP and see a list of online players.
Can view console (but cannot use it), and if FTP access is enabled they can use FTP
Super Moderator
Can start/stop the server, and use the server console.
Can do anything apart from give other users access to roles above Super Moderator
Can grant FTP access to users, and give users the Administrator role.
Can give Co-Owner role to users.


Firstly, navigate to Multicraft ( ), and then select the server which you want to grant access for
Now, on your sidebar locate the "Users" page
Once on the users page, you will see a breakdown of all roles, as well as a table of users currently with access to your server.
Search for the user that you want to grant access to in the "Username" box. If the user has not setup an account, you can register via the home screen:
Click enter on your keyboard to search results.
You should now see the user, and will be able to set their Role. In addition to role, you can give them permission to access your server FTP

There we have it! it will automatically save, and changes will take effect immediately. If you have any issues, let us know!
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