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Installing plugins on a Minecraft Server is easy to accomplish. To begin please ensure your server meets the requirements below.

Minecraft Server running on a Multicraft Control Panel
Running a server JAR that supports plugins. Please note that Vanilla Minecraft does not support plugins. (E.G: Spigot, PaperSpigot or CraftBukkit)

Lets proceed:
Firstly, locate the plugin that you would like to install. In most cases these will be found on the Spigot or Bukkit website.
Click download and the file should start downloading to your computer. The file should be a .jar file.
Visit your Minecraft Control panel and access your FTP File Manager. This step can either be done using your WebFTP viewer or using an external FTP client such as FileZilla.
Locate the plugins/ folder and click to expand the folder. If you do not see a plugins folder, it's highly likely that your server JAR either does not support plugins or your server is not starting correctly (See Console for details).
Upload your JAR file that you downloaded to the plugins folder.
In most cases you can type reload in your server console to reload your plugins, however we recommend restarting your server.

There we have it! Your plugin should now be installed. Upon a server being started with a new plugin, in most cases a folder will be generated inside plugins/ with configuration files for your plugin which you can edit.

If your plugin did not start and either appears red or does not appear at all when running /plugins, it means your plugin did not load which could be down to either: Incorrect Installation or an Incompatibility problem with your server version. Feel free to open a support request if you require support with a plugin!

Please Note: Slashy Hosting does not tolerate the use of Nulled/Leaked plugins and we may terminate your server if you're found to be using stolen plugins. Additionally, some plugins won't start as they're Nulled so it's always vital that you purchase your plugins and do not attempt to obtain an existing copy.
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