In this tutorial we will explain how you can link your Discord Account to your Billing Area account.

Why is linking accounts necessary?
We ask customers to verify themselves using our custom linking system to ensure that we are only providing support to those users who have access to control a service. Without such a linking system, it would be very difficult to accurately verify that a user is who they say they are, which could subsequently lead to another users service being edited without their prior consent.

We try to make the whole process as stress-free as possible.

Firstly, head over to our Billing Panel and login using your account credentials: https://billing.slashy.host
On the sidebar, you should now see an option named "Link Discord Account". Click this option to proceed with the linking

You will now be redirected to Discord where you will need to login using your Discord Credentials. Once logged in, you will receive an message asking you to allow Slashy Hosting to access some of your account credentials.

Do not worry, we do not store any information from your Discord Account during this process apart from your Discord User ID, which is already publicly available.
Once you click Authorise, you should be redirected back to our Billing Panel as the linking process is now complete. You will receive a message from our Discord Bot confirming that you account has been linked successfully.

Next Steps
There we have it! You have successfully linked your Billing Account to your Discord Account. This will grant to access to use our Discord Support tickets for quick and easy support with your services!
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