In this tutorial, we will go over how you can open a Support Ticket with Slashy Hosting

Discord Support Ticket
We use Discord for a quick and easy way to get support. Generally you will receive much lower wait times on Discord, and the vast majority of support issues can be resolved from there.

To open a Discord Support ticket, follow the steps below:
Join our Discord Support Server https://discord.slashy.host
Head over to the #bot-commands channel

Type -new and submit the message.
You will now have a new ticket opened towards the end of the channel list. Simply click on the channel name.
You will be greeted with a question asking which department your query related to. You can answer this question by clicking the emoji that related most to your request

Our system will then check your Discord Account against our internal systems to see if you have linked your Billing Account to your Discord Account. In some cases, this is not necessary.
Please type out your question in as much detail as possible to reduce wait times, and to ensure that you get the best response possible. After you have submitted your question, a member of our team will be with you very shortly.

Billing Panel
Almost all questions relating to our services can be asked via our Billing Panel. To open a Support Ticket, simply follow the steps below.
Login to your Billing Panel https://billing.slashy.host
On the sidebar click "Open Ticket"

You will now be prompted to select the department that you would like to contact.
Next, you will be able to specify the following information
Subject (What is your request about?)
Related Service (Is there an existing service that this request relates to?)
Priority (How high of a priority is this request?)
Message (In full detail, please explain your query)
Attachments (Do you have any attachments that we may find helpful?)
Permission (Do you grant us permission to access your service to diagnose any issues?)

Once these fields have been entered, you can submit your ticket and you will receive a confirmation email. You will then receive another email as soon as our team have responded to your ticket.

There we go! You have opened a support ticket, and our team are on the way to help you!
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