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What you need:

64 x 64 .png icon
Renamed to server-icon.png
This is a very easy tutorial on how to set your Minecraft server icon as well as how to make it.

Part 1 (PNG):

First off find your PNG file that you are going to use. In this tutorial, I will be using a random Check Mark picture.
The Check Mark is not in 64x64 currently but in 500x500, so I will be using an online tool to change that
Here are some examples that you can use to change the dimensions on a picture: GIMP which you will have to download or CropToFit which is an online cropping tool and is what I am using now
After you have changed the dimensions on your picture, rename it to server-icon.png

Part 2 (Upload):

Upload it to the main directory of your Minecraft Server(aka the first directory you see in FTP)

After that, you are done. Just sit back, relax, and restart your Minecraft Server
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