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In this article we will go over how to setup a BungeeCord network with your Minecraft Servers. Below you can see the requirements for this article.

1x BungeeCord Proxy Server (Recommended at least 500mb of memory)

1x Hub/Lobby Server (Recommended at least 2GB of memory)

1+ Extra server to attach to BungeeCord (You can add as many as you wish, however we recommend at least 2).

IP Address':
In this tutorial, we will be using the information listed below:

BungeeCord Proxy Server:
Game 1 (Factions):
Game 2 (Creative):

Configuring the Servers
BungeeCord Proxy Server

To begin, stop your BungeeCord Proxy server by clicking the Stop button.

Log into your servers FTP and delete all files.

Navigate back to the Server Dashboard and open the "Change Server Version" menu.

Select "Other", then select the version of BungeeCord which you would like to use. Ensure that you click Save after selecting this.

Start your BungeeCord Proxy server.

After 30 seconds, stop your server again.

Navigate back to your FTP and open the newly generated config.yml

Towards the bottom of the file under listeners, set the host to your BungeeCord Proxy IP Address followed by the port.

Set the online_mode to equal false

Configure your lobby server and additional servers under the "servers" section. An example of our configuration can be found below.

Set ip_forwarding to true

All Other Servers

On all other servers, set bungeecord equal to true inside of the spigot.yml file.

Edit the to set online mode equal to false.

Restart All Servers

After restarting all servers, your network should now work!
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