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A Minecraft Server running either CraftBukkit, Spigot or PaperSpigot

Visit the SpigotMC website and download your desired version of dynmap:

Stop your Minecraft Server.

Navigate to Additional Ports on the sidebar

Click "Add Port" on the sidebar and copy down the port that it generates.

Access your servers FTP and upload the Dynmap plugin to the plugins folder

Start your Minecraft Server

Refresh your FTP and navigate to the path plugins/dynmap/ and then edit the file names configuration.txt

Locate webserver-port which will be set to 8123 by default, and set it to the port that you copied in step 4

Save the file and restart your server

Access your server IP followed by the port in your web browser (e.g: and Dynmap will work!

Additional Support

If you require anymore assistance with Dynmap - Feel free to open a ticket via our Discord server or Billing area!
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