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Whitelisting is essentially allowing certain players to have access to join your server. If you want to keep the server private or only allow specific players to join while the server is in development, you would need whitelisting to be enabled. Here's how:


To enable whitelist, you would first need to head over to your multicraft panel which you can do from here. Once your in, you'll need to navigate to the console.

From there, you would need to run the command whitelist on . After that, run the command whitelist add <player> for each player you'd like added.


If you'd like to view the players that you have whitelisted on your server, run the command whitelist list


If you'd like to remove someone from your whitelist, run the command whitelist remove <player> for each player that you would like removed. Once removed, they will not be able to join the server until the server is off whitelist or the player is re-added.

And that's it! You can now have a private server!
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