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Our Minecraft Control Panel is based on a highly customised version of Multicraft. There are a lot of useful tools that Multicraft uses, and one of them is a server status check and player list.

In order for Multicraft to know if your server is online/offline, and how many players are online - It periodically runs the /list command in console, which usually returns a list of users on the server. However, we know that for some users this constant spam can be an eyesore. In this tutorial we will explain how to stop the spam in console.

Slashy Hosting has a plugin that you can upload to your server that will disable the spam. It's worth mentioning that this plugin will only work on servers that support plugins, therefore Vanilla Minecraft will not work with this plugin.

Head over to and a download will start on your browser
Upload this plugin to your plugins/ directory`
Restart your Minecraft Server

And there we have it, your console spam should now stop. If you have any further issues reach out to our team via a support ticket so we can assist further.
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