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In this article, we will explain how our our Minecraft Backup system works, and how you can restore/download your backups as well as take a manual backup.

Currently, all users have 6 automatic backups taken every night at 11PM GMT. As an addition to this, all users have 1 manual backup which can be taken and restored at any point in time. We do not cap how many restores you use.

In the near future we will be extending backups for Premium servers to 14 automatic backups and 3 manual backups. Additionally, we will be offering more backup options at checkout if you wish.

Automatic Backups
Every night at 11PM GMT, we take a full backup of your server files and send it to an off-site backup location. Automatic backups work in a rotation based system, so if you have 6 free backups included in your plan, on the 6th day your oldest backup will be replaced with the newest one. We do not allow users to delete their automatic backups, as in the event of a server failure causing us to lose primary data, we would need to restore your server to the latest backup.

Manual Backups
A manual backup is where you can take a full backup of your server files at any time, allowing you to restore to these at a later date just like our automatic backups. You can create a manual backup using the steps below:
Head over to your backups page
Select Manual Backups from the sidebar
You will now see a section called "Create Backup", type in the name that you want to call your backup
Click submit, and wait to see a confirmation.
Once you see a confirmation, you can navigate away from the page as our system will run the task in the background.

Restoring a backup
We have designed our new backup system to be as user friendly as possible. Once you select a backup and click restore, you will be brought to a live progress page where you can see how your backup restore is going. The stages to a backup restore are:
Backup restore started - This confirms that we have received the request, and it is in the queue ready to be restored. Your server will be stopped, and all files will be removed in this step.
Downloading backup from off-site backup server - At this stage, our server has found your backup file and has started the download to your server.
Uploading backup to server - Now your backup has been downloaded on to your node, it will be copied to your server directory
Decompressing backup - Your backup is now being extracted, as during the initial backup process, we compress the files to reduce the amount of time taken to download and upload the file
Restarting server - Your backup restore is now complete, your server is being restarted to ensure that the changes take effect.
Once the backup restore has been completed, you will be directed back to your server backups page which will confirm that the restore is complete

Deleting a backup
You can delete manual backups by visiting the Manual Backups page, then quite simply clicking "Delete Backup"
Once you delete a backup, it will be gone. We cannot bring back deleted backups

Downloading a backup (Coming Soon)
If you prefer to keep a file copy of a server, you can use our download backup feature which will send your backup to our CDN server for 24 hours, which you can download using a link that we generate. Please note that the link is not protected.
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