Important Update (2022):
We have updated this requirements in 2022 by reducing the requirements for nearly all areas. We want to place a huge focus on Partners in 2022, and build a large network of partners to provide valuable content and services for our customers. If you have ever wanted to join our partnership, 2022 is the time to do so. We are accepting more partners now than ever before.

Slashy Hosting has a partnership program that allows content creators, and business owners to receive benefits in return for advertising our services. In this article, you can view more about the requirements for being a partner and the partnership agreements.

Slashy Hosting reserves the right to alter this document at any given time, without prior notice.

Content Creators
YouTuber: 1,500+ Subscribers
Streamer: 2,000+ Followers
TikToker: 5,000+ Followers
Discord Community: 1,000+ Members
Freelancer: No set requirement

Business Owner
Must be able to show legitimate analytic reports of how much traffic you receive.
Must be in an industry related to our services
Must be established for at least 2 months
Must not be classed a competitor of ours.
Must not have another deal with a competitor of ours.

We tailor our benefits specifically for each circumstance to ensure that you get the most out of the partnership. Generic benefits include:
Free Service(s)
25% of all referred revenue (recurring)
Post on our Partners page: See page
Unique discount code for your audience to use
Dedicated partner manager to oversee mutual growth

Partnership Agreement
As a partner, you automatically agree to the following agreement. Additional items may be added exclusively to your partnership deal
You will be required to show statistics upon request to ensure that both parties are receiving mutual growth.
You must hit specific referral goals using our Affiliate System (You will be compensated for this)
You must promote Slashy Hosting in a way agreed upon during the application
Being involved in any sort of controversy which you are at fault for, will result in a termination of contract.
Slashy Hosting accepts no liability for any comments, or content that you produce/say. We will however, take appropriate action if said comments are deemed as offensive.
Slashy Hosting reserves the right to terminate a partnership at any given time without any prior notice given. We recommend that you contact us beforehand if you believe the agreement that was agreed upon is not achievable.
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