In 2020 we introduced Version 2 of our Server Version Selector, which allows you to select a server JAR/Modpack, as well as a Java Version. In this tutorial we will be explaining how to use this new version selector.

Locating the Selector
To locate the selector, login to your Minecraft Control Panel (
Once logged in, visit your Server that you would like to manage
Towards the bottom of the page you will see a field named "Server Version". Once you have located the option, select the button

The Server Version Selector will now display. It will look similar to the picture below

Using the Selector
In the Header you can see a button to close your selector if you decide not to make an edit, you can also click on the background to dismiss the popup.
On the left sidebar you can select the category that you desired version falls under.
Please note that only Premium servers will be able to select Feed the Beast, CurseForge and Pre-Made Setups
Just above the JAR/Modpack options, you will see options for the Java Version. These options are not visible on Feed the Beast, Pre-Made Setups and CurseForge due to us using the best optimised version by default.
Under the Java Version list, you will see a list of available options in the selected category.
Finally, under the options list you can select the Save Button. Before saving we recommend you read the notice below

Changing the server version can break your server. We recommend taking a backup beforehand. Additionally, downgrading your version will almost always cause the server to crash due to the world being incompatible. If you require any assistance with diagnosing an issue, contact our Support Team

Selecting an option
Once you select an option and save, you will need to restart your Minecraft Server for the changes to take effect.
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